Common computer troubleshooting method A hardware failure

Likely under normal circumstances, the failure of a newly installed computer, the machine running for some time, its failure rate is relatively lower. For hardware failures, as long as we understand the characteristics of a variety of accessories and common troubleshooting methods, we can rule out various fault.

(1) poor contact of the fault of poor contact is generally reflected in poor contact in a variety of board, card, memory, CPU and motherboard, or power lines, data lines, audio lines, and the bad connection. A variety of interface cards, laptop batteries memory and motherboard poor contact is more common, usually as long as the replacement of the corresponding slot position or eraser rub cheat, you can troubleshoot.

(2) is not properly set the parameters of CMOS parameters set the type of hard disk, floppy, memory, and password, the machine boot sequence, the virus warning switch and so on. As the parameter is not set or set incorrectly, the system will prompt the error warning.

(3) hardware failure hardware malfunction, In addition to its own quality-related outside, may also be caused due to the load is too heavy or other reasons, such as the lack of the power supply or CPU overclocking use are likely to cause the failure of the computer.

Computer hardware failure example – black

Fault phenomenon: the Portable Cellphone Jammer computer suddenly can not boot, the symptoms are as follows: the power of a plug boot, the display indicator shows green, the power switch on the chassis does not work, the hard disk is also sound. However, this process has experienced a total of 5 seconds. Then, the display light yellow, hard light, power light stays lit, hard drive is not loud, even the BIOS self-test “beep” is heard.

Analysis and processing: This is the phenomenon of failure due to computer hardware failure, the BIOS has encountered a problem in the detection of the major hardware, so the monitor can not display (monitor light yellow receiving no signal). Generally speaking, in this case, the BIOS will sent to the PC speaker alarm signal, alarm signal, we can determine the hardware in question. PC speaker alarm, you can follow the following method to find the hardware that caused the failure:

1) The minimum system power-on test. Open the case, unplug the hard disk, floppy, CD-ROM, power cord and data cable, removal of hardware other than the graphics card, memory, CPU, and then turn on the computer. If the monitor still no more in the graphics card, memory, the CPU, power supply and motherboard (BIOS damage or exposure), available corresponding no problem with the equipment-replacement of these devices to determine where the problem lies;

2) If the minimum system boot test display showing, the Battery for HP 416996-131 problem may be in the hard disk, floppy drive, sound card, Modem device. You can install these devices in turn, each installing a first boot to see if the problem lies in which device. Hardware failure is found, it can take appropriate measures according to actual situation.

2 software failure

Software failure, to pay attention to the presence of the virus, such as the suspected virus, anti-virus software after return to work.

(1) Virus Prevention. The hazards are well known computer viruses, ranging from the machine speed, while destroy files or cause a crash. At any time for the convenience of computer maintenance and repair work, you must prepare the necessary tools, such as a clean Windows 98 boot disk, as well as Rising Antivirus floppy disk, Norton tools to meet the system infected with a virus or hard drive can not start. Anti-virus software should be regularly upgraded. Accessories should also be prepared to drivers, such as sound card, graphics card, MODEM, for reinstall the system.

(2) system file damage. If you can not start win98, please refer to the DreamBox 800 HD PVR Satellite receiver book on 2-2-4. If you normally start win98, but prompted a system file is damaged or lost can be used sfc.exe extract from the win98 CD. Sometimes prompted during startup, the application associated with a file does not exist, but can still be completed to start, as long as in the registry to find the appropriate keywords and to remove the primary key.

(3) the application is running is an exception. Roughly divided into three areas. First, the program file is damaged or lost, If you can not find an intact alternative file, had to reinstall the program. Conflict with another program, for the other version to try. Third, the issue as well. Some shareware over the trial period, after unloading heavy equipment can not be used, usually the registry is to do a record.

(4) improper installation, hardware driver is not installed on the conflict between the driver or drivers. Failure symptoms: abnormal marker found in the Explorer under the Windows 98 operating system, where the “?” Said the unknown device, usually the equipment is not properly installed;! “Means there is a conflict between devices,” x “indicates the devices are disabled.

Computer software failure examples

1) to defragment the hard disk can not be carried out in the end

Fault phenomenon: the C drive defragmentation can not be normal, always in the completion of about 1% and then back to 0%, and prompted to drive the content has changed.

Solar Charger for Laptop Analysis and processing: the Windows system at run time, Permanent Mission to leave some application software, some firewalls such as the Office of the document retrieval and more of these programs has been to work in the background, and the hard disk read and write operations. Disk defragmentation, one pair of hard disk read and write operations will result in sorting from scratch. Therefore, when you perform the defragmentation, you should turn off other applications are still working, including the resident program, to solve the problem of disk cleanup. (Available CTRL + ALT + DEL to view, leaving only the explorer can.)

If not above, can be used scandisk to check whether the hard disk bad sectors or file errors.

2) Why do the GHO file is always wrong

Fault phenomenon: the use of GHOST installed Windows98 entire C drive backup as a Diskc.gho file, so you can use the file system error recovery system. However, the use of several, GHOST old GHO file error and can not recover the system. Re-installed several systems, each backup, several times, will encounter this problem.

Analysis and processing: GHO files stored on your hard drive is very easy to make mistakes, because the APPLE A1280 Battery pack GHO files are generally very large (typically a few megabytes), it is stored in the hard drive many different clusters, a cluster damage may result in recovery GHO file error. Normally encountered on a smooth recovery of the GHO file, the next to die phenomenon. In general, it is recommended that the GHO file to be stored in a separate partition, do not install and run other software on that partition, and do not in the area of ​​disk scanning or finishing, so you can avoid a certain extent, due to disk failure led to the GHO file damage.

3) recovery of Windows dynamic link library is missing

Fault phenomenon: not yet entered the desktop computer to boot into Windows98, the following dialog box appears, “Unable to load dynamic link library msnp32.dll system can not find the specified file, some or all of the following function has been lost: the Microsoft Network. Click “OK” to the normal operation of (c: \ Windows \ System \ directory have msnp32.dll files).

Analysis and processing: this problem more than to delete or uninstall the software removed a part of the core file, or the core file has been damaged or the wrong version. The solution is:

(1) a new installation of related components, such as mentioned above, reinstall the network components can (pay attention to version conflicts during installation, such as prompts, you should try to choose not to retain the file).

(2) that EOS 600D Battery Grip comes with Windows98 System File Checker (SFC.exe) to check and, if damaged, extracted from the installation disk.