EZ Battery Reconditioning Review: How to Recondition Your Old Batteries

everyone out there my name is si I want to tell you about the easy battery conditioning guide and you might be like what the heck is that let me explain it is created by Tom Erikson who’s a former employee for a golf cart employee and what it is it’s a detailed guide was created to teach people how they can recondition old or dead batteries to save them money or sell them for a big profit so in other words you can either be saving yourself a ton of money or making money with batteries and I know that it’s just crazy that’s not so obvious you might look around think I have a ton of batteries and I have batteries and so many things they’re gonna go dead how do I do this well basically what tom is trying to give you with this easy battery conditioning guide is he’s trying to show you the method since guide you can recondition batteries for everything from cars to computers to phone’s to solar panels golf carts which he knows a lot about forklifts and a lot more and I mean in a nutshell I mean let me break it down to you out what Tom’s gonna try to sell you on with this and I checked this out and actually I used it I had fun I sold some stuff I like it I think it’s cool it’s a nifty little guide that um it’s made me a couple thousand dollars and can probably make you a lot more if you stay with it I like to just kind of dip my feet the water so to speak and make some money quick I did I was able to do exactly that so with Tom’s guide you know I learned first of all I learned that this really cool technique it’s not really known they’ll help you restore almost any rechargeable batteries aren’t charge anymore that tip alone is worth the cost of admission people because it’s so obvious that you’ve probably never even thought of it and because of that you know I’m able to get a lot of batteries recharged and I like it it’s cool also you tips on how to use a multimeter to test old or dead batteries you know if you can still fix them or not some batteries may not be fixable in that sense a multimeter can help you figure that out also Tom’s gonna give you advice on where to get inexpensive or free deep-cycle batteries that you can recondition so like you know if you’re using solar panels or other energy alternatives you know this is really useful deep-cycle batteries are invaluable in those fields on you’ll have a list of common materials he’s going to give you in order to recondition batteries and get a bitch name realize you could recondition batteries huh you can also learn how to examine batteries with this guide before you buy them so you don’t waste your money on irrepairable batteries because guess what not all batteries are created equal people there’s a lot of batteries out there that are just pure junk I mean you ever buy a battery and it like died within a week there’s a reason why Tom’s going to show you exactly what that reason why is so you never make that problem or mistake again when you go buy stuff also you know um what’s really cool is this is kind of a way to help the environment you know I mean in the average I think most people throw away eight batteries every year um that might not seem like a lot but you add it up by the total u.s. population that’s billions of use batteries can thrown away batteries contain a lot of crazy chemicals like lead cadmium that seeps into the soil um through landfills that can hurt animals and plants which in turn hurt us because we consume those animals and plants you see what I’m saying it’s all cyclic people so you got to make sure you can help contribute to environment for that reason also obviously saves you money I mean you know if you’re looking for for example a car battery you might spend you know between 100 3.3 hundred dollars but you know um if you learn how to refurbish car batteries don’t got to spend that it’s very cool um also this doesn’t take up a lot of time it’s 10 to 20 minutes max to recondition battery and again um it’s just it’s very easy to understand and follow very basic there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee um which I don’t really think is necessary because I think it’d actually be like kind of crappy of a person to get that because once you read this information it’s not like you know Tom can make you undo it you can use this and then say you didn’t like it that’s not cool um this does require some effort it’s not like you can just do this overnight in the sense that like you know you learn this stuff and then you’re just you’re good to go you will have to do it you’ll have to learn it um you do have to spend the time basically and this is where it gets a little tedious is collecting batteries evaluating them finding people buy the batteries but again Tom helps you with all that he shows you the tips the tricks some of them have worked for me some of them I just knew what to do uh but overall I learned a great deal from Tom’s guide and I think you’ll learn a great deal as well especially because it can help you save money and you can sell batteries which is really cool on because I’ve sold like I said enough I’ve made a couple thousand and I think you will too so look don’t take my word for it I think that’s never a good idea always do your own due diligence you can do that really simple by just clicking the link right below this video that’s all you got if you click the link you can see for yourself about Tom’s guide um and if you don’t want to do that and you want to go check out the EZ battery conditioning guide for yourself all I got to do is go to met abate backslash e-z battery once again it’s met abate Donette m ETA ba YN ET backslash e z ba TT er y all one more an easy battery or again just click the link below this video I think Tom’s put it together a really great guide I think that the guide is very useful and again you can save money with it the saving plus what you can do if you sell batteries you’ve recondition makes it worth its weight and then some and again just the technique alone that he shows you how to restore stuff um and you didn’t realize it I think that’s worth it alone ok so good luck to all you people out there just trying to look for ways to make money simple ways ways that you can really get into I wish you nothing but the best of success with it and have fun with it I guarantee you the minute you sell that first batter you’re gonna be hooked I know I almost was there for a moment again I like to do a lot of different things so this was just like a fun little endeavor but I’m sure if you are really looking for a way to make some serious income and you want something very simple to do the easy battery reconditioning system is the way to go guaranteed ok so click the link below this video and get get busy reconditioning guys have a good one take care you