Ontario cancels $3.8 Billion in Solar and Wind Power


Ontario cancels $3.8 Billion in Solar and Wind Power

Ontario cancels $3.8 Billion in Solar and Wind power being added to the Utility on September 27. A big setback for Renewable Power is a positive for Renewable Heating with the Ontario Climate Action Plan aimed to reduce all Natural Gas heat for buildings. Ontario Climate Action has pledged to spend up to $600 million to help homeowners install low-carbon technologies such as geothermal and heat pump systems, solar thermal and solar generation systems for heating homes and water. This would include SunPump as the only Renewable Heating choice for Homes that is solar assisted and works on demand Day and Night.

Ontario is blowing off plans for 1000 Megawatts more Solar and Wind power as it feels the heat over high electricity bills. Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault called it a “common sense” decision after the province’s electricity planning agency recently advised there is no “urgent need” for additional supply given Ontario’s surplus of generating capacity.

Ontario is home to 99% of all Solar PV panels installed in Canada because of excessively high Feed In Tariff prices that paid as much as 80-cents per Kilowatt/hour up to 10 kW on residential rooftops. BC, by comparison, only pays 9.9-cents for Net-Metering as a credit on your next bill with no guarantee when it may end. BC already has 98% renewable hydro electricity, so the attraction of Solar and Wind Power to reduce Green House Gas like Carbon Dioxide is non-existent.

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