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Solar Water Heating Systems

If you are a Contractor, Designer, or Owner searching for an alternative to burning fossil fuels to heat buildings and water – I have good news. There is a new hybrid of renewable energy plus energy efficiency that is changing the way people choose clean energy. SunPump is the first Solar Heat Pump to completely replace a Boiler and Hot Water Heater. Welcome to Generation-4 Solar water heating systems, hybrids that produce on demand day or night.

SunPump is the first solar heating system to combine the many benefits of renewable energy, without the current limitations of high cost and intermittent performance. By using proven solar plus heat pump technologies, this hybrid achieves much more than solar or heat pumps do on their own. The combination achieves highly effective solar production on demand, day and night, because the system can operate like an Air Source Heat Pump after the sun goes down.

The key breakthrough comes from using a common Eco-friendly refrigerant, R410a, as the heat transfer fluid. Compared to water that boils at 100 C., R410a boils at -50 C., lowering the temperature our Photon panels can exchange with the wind, rain, snow or surrounding air. This means energy transfer on demand even at sub zero temperatures and in darkness. Solar energy at night is here now.

About a year ago we installed a SunPump and four roof panels for our 2000 sq ft house – and overnight our hydro bills went down by 60%!
Barry H., Quadra Builders
They have a new heating and cooling technology that blows everything else right out of the water… So, this is the biggest, baddest news out there in the world of energy systems. Absolutely must look into this for every project, not even just low energy buildings.
SunPump reduces the complexity of a Ground Source Heat Pump to just one moving part. It goes to prove again that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.
Cathy M.
Brilliant. I don’t know why no one has done this before? SunPump uses mature heat pump technology and off-the-shelf HVAC parts elevated by true Innovation.
Don W.
Solar Water Heating Systems - SunPump Hot Water Radiant Heat

Passive Solar Home Heating

Passive House design now has a carbon-free solution in a compact size with DC variable speed low capacity heating and hot water. It can even temper the HRV fresh air for improved heating and cooling comfort. It works in maritime climates like Vancouver, Victoria, and Halifax. It works in the Prairies like Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, and Yellowknife. And SunPump works with hot seasons like Kelowna, Los Angeles, and Toronto.