Save Heating Cost with Zero Carbon Added

Reduce your cost of heating and hot water plus your carbon footprint using Renewable Energy to replace a boiler of furnace. Harvest Sunshine as your energy source to diminish Utility Bills.

Good Bye Fossil Fuels

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SunPump 3.1

  • SunPump comes in 5, 7, 10, and 14 kW capacity
  • Kompact units come integrated with a 10 kW Thermal Battery (300L)
  • All units come with an integrated 6000 watt electrical backup electric element.
  • SunPump works proficiently 24 hours a day in all weather

The SunPump Solar 3.1 is a highly efficient and cost effective renewable energy heating system with the potential to revolutionize how we think about heating our homes. For years, a lack of cost effectiveness and dependability has held renewable energy heating systems back. By integrating aspects of solar thermal with heat pump technology, we at SunPump Inc. are proud to say that the SunPump SP3.1 operates reliably, economically and efficiently, offering customers a competitive renewable energy home-heating package that cannot be found anywhere else in North America. We plan to change the way buildings use energy.

SunPump Solar 2.3 Kompact

Hello Sunshine!

Future Proof Your Home Energy with Solar Heating

Solar Heat Pumps – Path to Zero Energy Ready Homes

Tuesday November 22, 12-1 pm Pacific

Hosted by BCSEA – speaker:  Bruce Gray

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Solar Hot Water Heating hydronic floor heat
I am very happy with the SunPump. It has cut the energy use of my already efficient home by half or more. The customer service and support has been very high, they are interested in the success of my Building Supply business.
Barry T, Quadra Builders
We have had our SunPump since May 2014 and had delays in our water supply to the construction site, so the SunPump has be running since June. It compliments our Eco Village community development with the solar radiant floor and hot water heating for both energy savings and low carbon footprint.
Doug M, Elkington Forest