Demner Home – Bowen Island


The Demner home is large residence located on Bowen Island near West Vancouver, BC. The building operates as a Bed & Breakfast for tourists, serves as a home-based software design business, and grows fish plus vegetables in an Aquaponic arrangement. This was a complex retrofit replacement of an electric boiler as the source for a radiant floor heating system. We settled on a 14 kW SunPump with 8 panels on a shingle roof, plus some upgrades to the near decade old tanks and quirky hydronic plumbing.

Gaudin Home – Prince Edward Island


This was the first Atlantic installation of a SunPump, which was installed at the home of a Solar Source Ltd partner and accountant. The 2400 sq.ft. house, located near Summerside on Prince Edward Island, has two levels of radiant heating. A 14 kw SunPump displaced an oil-fired boiler to become the home's primary heat source.

Hatelt Home – Quadra Island


This home was built to Passive House standards on the beautiful Quadra Island near Campbell River, British Columbia. It features ICF block walls, an air-tight envelope, high-efficiency HRV, and solar thermal collectors. A 5.6 kW SunPump was installed to replace an electric boiler as the primary heating system for the home's radiant floor heating and domestic hot water. The SunPump charges a buffer tank and uses 4 solar panels, two on the East and two on the West roof slopes. Even though the home was already wasting very little energy, the owner has been delighted by the ultra quiet operation of the SunPump and the reduced electric utility bills when compared to the old electric boiler.

Eco-Village – Elkington Forest


Elkington Forest is an Eco-Village consisting of 97 homes located north of Victoria, BC. The development is an award-winning concept from Doug Makaroff, designed to both conserve and incorporate 1000 acres of pristine Victoria Island forest. The first showcase home, Spruce House, was built in 2014 out of beams milled from the area and fitted with great craftsmanship by PineLodge Contractors Ltd. A 5.6 kW SunPump, heating the home's domestic hot water and 1600 square feet floors was installed by Cowichan Mechanical. The SunPump's solar thermal panels were installed by John and Alex Gray.