Where Do I Get A SunPump?

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Brochures for our SunPump products can be downloaded at sunpump.solar. If you would like to become a dealer for SunPump, there may be openings available. Please call at 866-855-2017 or email us at info@sunpump.solar to find out more. If you are a builder, you can call our 866-855-2017 number or email us at info@sunpump.solar to find out if we have a dealer in your area. Often we can give your trades people all the installation information needed. We also have a team that can install the panels for a fee.

How Long Have Solar Heat Pumps Been Around?

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Solar Heat Pumps were invented in 1963 by NASA for the Apollo manned space missions, making them over 50 years old. While models somewhat similar to the SunPump have been available to the public in Europe, ours is the only model available in North America.