What Is The SunPump Solar Breakthrough?


Unlike solar PV or solar thermal, the SunPump is able to produce energy on demand, Summer and Winter, day and night, rain or snow. This makes the SunPump reliable and cost effective, not only when compared with other renewable energy heating systems, but with non-renewable sources of energy such as natural gas as well.

How Many SunPumps Have Been Installed And Tested?


We have about twenty units (and growing rapidly) installed and working. The first owners of our SunPumps have been very satisfied and are generally extremely enthusiastic about our product. Many have been so helpful as to allow us test their systems in order to ensure impeccable performance and quality control for future customers. We believe that a tipping point has been reached in the public consciousness, whereby people actively want to choose renewable sources of energy, so long as it is affordable and efficient. The overwhelmingly positive reaction of our existing customers has reinforced this belief.

How Is SunPump Different Than Solar Thermal?


Because the SunPump uses a refrigerant that boils at -50°C (-58°F), the SunPump is able to work in the dark, in rain or snow, and at sub-freezing ambient temperatures. Solar thermal traditionally uses a water/glycol mix that boils at a higher temperature, making solar thermal systems less efficient and more dependant on fair weather.

How Does SunPump Compare to Ground Source Heat Pumps?


The SunPump is more efficient and cheaper than geothermal ground source heat pumps. The refrigerant SunPump uses in its rooftop solar panels boils at -50°C (-58°F), allowing for sufficient energy to be generated to heat a home without the ground loop or well required by ground source heat pumps.

How Is SunPump Different Than Solar PV?


While solar PV (Photo Voltaic) converts visible light into DC electrical power, the SunPump converts a wider spectrum of light into heat. More importantly, the SunPump panels contain a refrigerant that boils at -50°C (-58°F), allowing the SunPump to draw considerable amounts of energy from the ambient air surrounding the panel as well as from direct sunlight. This makes the SunPump far more efficient and cost effective than solar PV, while simultaneously allowing the SunPump to function 24 hours a day and in bad weather. For those interested in solar PV, SunPump v.4 uses Combined Heat & Power (CHP) to generate both heat and additional electricity from the same panels.

What Is Special About The SunPump Panels?


Our panels are single piece seamless aluminum with complex micro-channels inside the panel. These channels circulate a refrigerant through the panels that boils at -50°C (-58°F). The result is a solar thermal heat pump hybrid that draws energy both from the sun and from the ambient outside air temperature. This innovation allows the SunPump to function efficiently and reliably day and night, rain or snow.

Is The SunPump The First Of Its Kind?


Although similar systems have been available in Europe, SunPump is the first of its kind available in North America. SunPump Solar takes three existing renewable energy technologies - heat pumps, solar energy and geothermal energy - and combines them to create an highly efficient and cost effective hybrid system.

Is There Any Application For The SunPump In Industrial Buildings?


A multi-compressor unit suitable for industrial use will be available in the near future. Currently we don’t have a unit large enough for most industrial sized buildings. Business owners with smaller premises can contact us via phone at (866) 855-2017 or email us at info@sunpump.solar to see if their building is suitable for a SunPump.