What Will Happen If It Snows?


Snow in and of itself will not effect the SunPump. The SunPump uses a refrigerant that boils at -50°C (-58°F). It generates heat proficiently when the outdoor temperature is above -15°C (5°F). So long as the outdoor temperature does not fall below -15°C, the SunPump will continue to function proficiently, day and night, regardless of snow. A built-in 7500 watt generator kicks in if the temperature ever falls below -15°C, insuring that your home and domestic hot water always remain heated.

Are There Any Incentives To Buy The SunPump In My Area?


Incentives vary greatly depending on your area and local government, so you will have to check with your provincial and federal programs. It is worth keeping in mind that the cost of installing a SunPump has been shown to add more value to a home than the price of installation. This (along with the additional savings that come with renewable energy use) makes the SunPump a sound investment even without incentives.

How Cold Can It Get Outdoors And Still Have The SunPump Work?


For a SunPump to work proficiently for both space heating and domestic hot water, the outside temperature needs to be over -15°C (5°F). Once the ambient air temperature outdoors drops below -15°C, the heating load increases and the heat pump's efficiency begins to decrease. Every SunPump comes with a built-in 7500 watt electric backup generator, which kicks in immediately should the outside temperature fall too low.

How Long Does The SunPump Take To Install?


The estimated installation time is about 1/2 day for each of the four trades involved (Plumber, electrician, HVAC and panel installer). If one or more of installers is still learning how to install a SunPump, it is possible that they might take longer to complete their section of the installation. If this occurs, they should not bill you for the extra time taken.

What Is the Warranty?


In the event of a problem caused by a defect in materials or poor workmanship, SunPump Solar Inc. will provide new parts, free of charge, from the date of installation, as follows: Black thermal Solar Panel (20 years); Compressor (5 years); Controller, electronics, valves, balance of parts (2 years). For more in-depth information about our warranty, please feel free to contact us via phone or email.

What Is Included With A SunPump Package?


The SunPump package includes a domestic hot water and space heating thermal battery tank, and a set of black solar evaporator panels. The number of panels included depends on the SunPump model that you order (for example a 7 kW SunPump includes 4 panels). Depending on the roof surface specified in the order, aluminum mounting hardware is also included.

How Is The Heat Distributed Through The House With A SunPump?


In terms of efficiency, our preferred method of heating is in-floor radiant heating. However, there are other effective ways to distribute heat, such as a radiator style heater or an air handler in a forced air furnace.